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Our intention is to promote the rediscovery of ancient wisdom, to foster a greater awareness of the Spirit of Place, to honor the sacredness of the land and our need to treat it respectfully and to nurture the spiritual awakening now taking place across the world.

Our conference brings together people working at the cutting-edge of research in both ancient and modern mysteries, exploring the various frontiers of true human potential and advocating new relationships with the Earth and YOU!

Conference organizers

Glenn Broughton

Glenn Broughton

Glenn has long been fascinated by sacred sites, knowing intuitively that they have something very important to offer. Through personal experience and research he has explored the unseen aspects of these places of power and has discovered that they have important messages for us in the present times of change. Together with Cameron, he leads tours of transformation to sacred sites and crop circles through Sacred Britain. He is also co-founder and one of the organizers of this conference. Glenn, who is English, lives in the USA and England.

"It's such a pleasure to support the work of groundbreaking researchers and pioneers by bringing them to a forum of this nature. It's also a pleasure to spend time with heart-centered people who travel here to the Green Mountains in ever growing numbers to attend this event - so many of you have become friends. Listening to comments and experiencing the energy of the weekend I know that together we are changing the world. Thank you."

Cameron Broughton

Cameron Broughton

Cameron was introduced to crop circles and the ancient sacred sites of England in 1996 when she met her husband Glenn. She has spent the last eleven summers visiting the circles and sacred sites, meeting other enthusiasts and researchers. As a massage therapist and healer she has been particularly interested in the energetic qualities of the phenomena and the holistic effects they have on humanity, inspiring her to share this with anyone who might be interested.

Cameron joined Glenn in leading tours of sacred sites and crop circles for the past seven years and with him created and organized the Vermont Crop Circle Conference, now called Earth Spirit Conferences, six years ago. She has been the Master of Ceremonies for the past three years at the Vermont conference and has presented at conferences in the United States, Canada and England and been interviewed on radio and TV talking about crop circles and sacred sites.

"Being American, I especially feel privileged to have been able to spend so much time in England and to have experienced first hand the magnitude of the mysteries so present there. I have enjoyed sharing what I've learned with friends, family, co-workers and all who have experienced our tours and the conference in Vermont. I am so thrilled that my dear friend and co-worker Nancy Masino has joined us to form Earth Spirit Conferences. It is an honor."

Nancy Masino

Nancy Masino

Nancy comes to Earth Spirit Conferences with 27 years of business experience from restaurants, radio and television, national fulfillment services and most recently, two thriving healthcare practices. She is the owner of Clarity Organizing Service, which for five years has guided small businesses and individuals to a place of order and peace.

Nancy first joined Sacred Britain Tours in 2005, providing administrative support in the US during the touring summer months. In 2007, she partnered with Glenn and Cameron to form Earth Spirit Conferences, LLP. She entered her first crop circle in August of 2006 during a Sacred Britain tour, and hasn't stopped talking about it since. Her favorite sacred site in England is the Uffington White Horse.

"I love exploring the mysteries that surround crop circles and the ancient sites. And making connections with our guests during tours and conferences brings me much joy and a sense of abundant good will. I'm thrilled to continue my journey of discovery with Cameron, Glenn and, hopefully, you!"

Conference Team

Meet the folks who run the show!

We have a wonderful team of people who help at the conference, and here they all are:

Staff of the Earth Spirit Conference


Top row left to right:
Mike Middleton, Amanda Boscia, Layla Ray

Next row down:
PJ Ciardelli, Mikala Brent Crow, Ananda Fitzsimmons

Next uneven row:
Polly Dakin, Karen Wark (down a step), Nancy Masino

Next row:
Jim Lovejoy, Brady Katzman-Rooks

Next row:
Dan Stearns, Glenn Broughton, Cameron Broughton


Comments from staff members

Ananda & Mikala - We are a couple of amateur 'circle-makers' from Quebec who have created a few tree circles and a Chartres labyrinth with oak trees! We have been attending the conference since 2003 and are counting on being there to do our thing again this year.

Brady - I love being part of the conference because it is a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded people. The warmth and love of the people involved is palpable and it's a great opportunity to explore ideas and phenomenon that are beyond the norm, with people who are open to acknowledging and accepting such experiences. We trod upon the Earth and she feels our every footstep. It is a time to share our respect for the Earth and all she provides for us, and to acknowledge the Universe and how it guides us.

Amanda & Mike - We are students, I'm a hospitality/events major from Champlain College and Michael is a student at CCV, wanting to pursue environmental studies. We both had a life-changing experience at the conference last year and can't wait to be part of it again this year!!!

Layla Ray - Since 1991, I've been drawn to every crop circle presentation I could find. In 2001, I was guided to install a seven-circuit labyrinth on Montpelier's recreation path; and I've been privileged to be on the support staff of this amazing, heart-centered conference for the past four years. I love being a part of sharing these magical formations with others; and even if their mysteries continue to "surpass all understanding", their very emergence seems to mark a transcendence between dimensions. It is that communion that inspires me to remember the Oneness that connects us with all of Creation.

Paula Ciardelli - What joy I experienced from the positive energy of our Host and Hostess and the other invited guests. I was profoundly affected on Sunday when we joined hands as a group and sang John Lennon's song Imagine. What an impact!! I am grateful and looking forward to this year's Conference - to learn and to continue to grow as an individual.

Karen Wark - Photography is my passion. Capturing the essence of people are the moments that make me sing! Being part of Earth Spirit Conferences is truly an honor. It is wonderful to feel the caring, honesty, sense of community and genuine compassion for others and our planet amongst all the participants. You can truly feel that warmth reach around the room and the globe!


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