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March 2010


The Path For HOPE

Jude Currivan

Ten years ago, I had a major "download" of spiritual information that ultimately unfolded into a global quest to understand our hidden heritage and cosmic destiny and whose revelations and understanding I share in my books The 8th Chakra and The 13th Step.

Over the last couple of months, a further call by Spirit has begun to unfold.

As the Shift of awareness steps up, we have a cosmic opportunity to breakthrough to a collective re-birth at a higher level of consciousness. This is the potential and promise for 2012 and beyond.

But for us to achieve this breakthrough, as in personal healing and transformation, we need to heal the past and release the deepest traumas and schisms that remain in our collective psyche.

We also need to see the "bigger picture" of what is presently happening in the world -- not just the turmoil apparent on the surface but the deeper understanding of what lies above and behind that appearance.

And thirdly as ever more conscious co-creators, to envisage and as Gandhi said, to "be the change we want to see in the world" to manifest the cosmic destiny of our collective future.

As Einstein once noted, you can't solve a problem from the same level of awareness that created it. But as the Shift is gathering pace, we are expanding our consciousness and thus able to transcend the ego-based perception that has limited our understanding -- and as we move into the unity awareness of the universal heart, we are beginning to know and experience everything as an interconnected whole.

Over a number of years, many people have been fellow travellers with me on sacred journeys around the world and many more have attuned with us in Spirit in service to the healing of people and places.

This new call of Spirit invites participation in a new initiative which aims to take those attunements and journeys to an even deeper level and that we are calling the Path for H.O.P.E., where HOPE stands for Healing Our People & Earth.

Over the next three years, the Path for H.O.P.E. invites everyone who feels the call to join together in service to the causal -- seed-point -- understanding and healing of the deepest emotional wounds and rifts that still separate and fragment our psyche and lie at the root of the remaining conflicts and dysfunctional fear-based behaviour patterns around the world.

Whilst some may feel called to physically join us in sacred journeys to places that embody such traumas, we are inviting whoever chooses to, to be a participant in a wider global community to come together in Spirit to attune in the Universal Heart to share such understanding and undertake such healing.

Recognizing that all that we call reality is fundamentally integral, our healing work will also focus on serving the Earth's healing too. As I've previously written about in my books, we and Gaia, as a living being, are co-creative evolutionary partners -- and so Her healing is ours and ours is Hers.

The first step of the Path for H.O.P.E. was the journey to Ethiopia in February and I'll shortly be sharing our experiences on my website

Crucially, the Path for H.O.P.E. is not just about understanding the deeper causes of conflicts and energetically healing them and thus our collective past but understanding the "bigger picture" of what is presently happening as the Shift accelerates and also to co-creatively envisage and intentionalize and help manifest the potential of our collective future.

Its aim is to empower people on both personal and collective levels to empower themselves in this incredible time of transformation to expand their awareness and become ever-more whole and conscious co-creators.

During the next couple of weeks we will be setting up a new website which will not only enable news and the unfolding of the Path for H.O.P.E. to be shared but will include an interactive community forum for everyone who signs up as a fellow traveller - in whatever way - to participate.

As I've mentioned, the first step of the Path for H.O.P.E. was the journey to Ethiopia in late January and early February, a country renowned as the cradle of humanity. It was here that 4.4 million years ago, the oldest upright walking hominids yet discovered lived.

It was fitting we began the Path of H.O.P.E. here -- and synchronistically perfect too because the trip was arranged six months before the discovery of the first of these ancient ancestors called Ardi was reported last October.

Ardi and her kin lived on the Great Rift Valley that cuts through Africa and then runs right up through the Middle East. So from the beginning, humanity’s cradle was energetically "rifted".

Modern humans, that geneticists showed last year, also emerged from this part of Africa to journey, between 70,000 and 90,000 years ago, across the narrow strait that joins Africa to the Arabian peninsula, to then populate Europe, Asia and the Americas -- a strait known in Arabic as the Gate of Tears.

The Rift Valley also reflects on Earth the dark axis of dust, called by the Mayans the "black road -- or road of re-birth" that reaches across our Milky Way galaxy and which the Sun, aligned with the galactic center is crossing as we approach 2012.

Energetically the birth of humanity on the Rift Valley and our migration through the Gate of Tears can now be healed. As the Shift aligns us with galactic consciousness, the Rift on Earth can be a Re-birth and the Gate of Tears transformed to a rainbow bridge of HOPE. Our group, together with many others from around the world who joined us in Spirit, attuned with Ardi in Addis Adaba, the capital of Ethiopia on Sunday 31st January at 3.00pm local time.

Our aim was to energetically attune in the Universal Heart with her and all our ancestors, to return to the seed-point of our human origins and to intend and envisage that the rifts that have emanated from those beginnings be open to healing and release.

Further experiences during that journey showed us that the key to transforming the rift into a re-birth is our inclusion and healing of all the polarized perceptions that we have personally and collectively held for so long. The judgements that arise from such polarization have separated "me" from "you" and "us" from "them" where differences have been feared and excluded rather than celebrated and included. And as we continued to explore this healing of polarizations we understood that to do so in the unconditional love of the Universal Heart of the 8th chakra forms the causal basis of the re-soulution of the remaining conflicts around the world.

The Path for H.O.P.E. is unfolding at an amazing pace and I'm delighted to be at the Earth Spirit gathering in Vermont when I look forward to joining you all and sharing what is emerging about the healing of our collective past, the "bigger picture" of the present and how we can all embody our highest purpose in being the conscious co-creators of our cosmic future.

© Jude Currivan 2010

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