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February 2012


2012....and beyond

By Dr. Jude Currivan

"So, what’s going to happen in 2012?"


"What’s going to happen after 2012?"

As the notion of 2012 being somehow important began to become more widely known over the last few years and with a great deal of confusion around its significance, I’ve been asked these questions numerous times.

Until recently, I’ve tended to answer both questions something along the lines that I don’t know what the transition of 2012 will entail or what it may lead to, but I believe that whatever it is depends on the choices and decisions we make now.

I started to speak about the implications of our choices ‘now’ as far back as 2003 or thereabouts when I was undertaking a series of thirteen global pilgrimages to serve the activation of Gaia’s planetary grid and to support our collective evolution of awareness that I then wrote about in The 13th Step.   These transformational journeys helped me realise our profound inter-connection with each other, Gaia and the wider Cosmos and how powerfully our collective choices really do co-create our realities.

I’ve observed and experienced in the eight years or more since, how the cosmic energies that I believe are the bigger unseen aspect of what’s come to be called the Shift have been ramping up the scale of the implications of our choices – and directly mirroring back to us their consequences.

The holographic nature of our realities means that the same issues we play out on personal levels, we also experience on familial, national and collective scales. The past traumas that we still embody, such as the archetypes of abandonment, abuse, betrayal, denial and rejection give rise consciously and subconsciously to our fear-based behaviour patterns.

During these years, I’ve seen how when our choices are made from such fear how they’ve dramatically worsened our collective social, economic and environmental situation. Whereas when we’ve had the courage to make our choices based on love, amazingly positive and transformational changes have occurred. 

If we’re going to undertake the Shift of awareness that cosmic influences and spiritual guidance is facilitating for 2012 and beyond, we urgently need to heal our fear-based behaviours and the causal traumas from which they arise and transform our choices into being based on love.

The Mayan Elders whose ancestors devised the 5125 year-old calendar that ends on the December Solstice of 2012 concur. They see this time as the end of an unsustainable era of fear-driven greed and abuse of both people and planet and the possibility of a new era of love-based peace and justice. Crucially, they also say that “the choice is up to us.”

By that they mean everyone!

As a cosmologist, healer and before that as a business leader I’ve journeyed to nearly 70 countries around the world. As I’ve written about in my new book HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth, I’ve seen how on scales from individuals to nations to our entire collective, the traumas of the past are still embodied in our fear-based behaviours and crucially how we now have the opportunity to heal and release them.

One still rampant fear-based behaviour arises from the as yet unhealed archetypal trauma of abandonment within our collective psyche, with all its issues relating to loss. It manifests in our perceived need to accumulate ever more stuff such as money, consumer goods, security, power or control; all in a forlorn attempt to try to feed an inner void.

I gained a deep insight into this psychic wound when I taught a weekend workshop in Dublin in March 2010.

Just before the workshop I happened to see the front page of the local newspaper. The Irish paper showed an unflattering photo of a middle-aged banker looking overfed on both food and money. I read how he had driven his financial institution to the point of bankruptcy and, having been sacked for doing so, was now suing the bank for compensation. The story and how he looked seemed both a microcosm and a caricature of the worldwide situation.

But as I gazed into the eyes of his picture, I felt a deep compassion for him. I could see how he and so many others had been caught up in the addictive need for more money and more possessions, all to try to feed a deep yearning for security, sometimes ignorant of and sometimes regardless of the harm done to anyone else.

Later that day, the workshop group energetically attuned to their ancestral past. Initially we regressed our awareness back thousands of years to the Neolithic heritage of Ireland. Around 5,000 years ago, a great monument-building era saw the construction of wonderful memorials such as Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth. Connecting with that remote era, my workshop participants could sense the peace and harmony that had prevailed across the rich land and how the monuments, with their alignments to the Sun and Moon linked Heaven and Earth in a cosmic balance.

We then continued on our inner journey to the awful experience of the Potato Famine of the mid nineteenth century. As I too energetically attuned my awareness to that calamitous time, I began to see in my inner vision a close-up of a small hamlet of tiny shabby dwellings and pathetic plots of withered potatoes. I was drawn to a young boy, maybe seven or eight years old, whose small body was ravaged by hunger. In my vision, I approached him, he looked up and our eyes met.

To my amazement, his were the eyes of the overfed banker whose face I’d seen in the morning’s newspaper.

My heart lurched with sorrow as I realized how the tragic experience of that life had seared an abandonment trauma into his psyche which, a century and a half later in another life, would drive him on a quest for the money that would ensure he never went hungry again.

When huge numbers of Irish people had emigrated to America after the famine, their deep need to feed their inner void became a powerful motivation to amass wealth and power; a progressively ruthless model of political control and corporate greed that has spread around the world.

But it’s impossible to heal such an emotional trauma from the outside in; we can only heal it from the inside out.

Over the last few years as this abandonment pattern has become extreme, the opportunity for its healing has become urgent – and I believe possible. The financial crisis of 2008 was just the beginning of the collapse of an essentially broken system. Since then the catastrophic implications of unfettered capitalism have continued to escalate as the inequalities and power disparity between the so-called 1% elite and the 99% rest of us have dramatically increased towards a tipping point of breakdown or breakthrough.

Just before the Egyptian revolution I was in Cairo and recently I’ve visited a couple of the Occupy Movement sites in London and Amsterdam. There and in many other places and in different ways, people are finding their voices and courage in primarily non-violent ways to protest and try to transform the world’s economic and social systems.

The Shift is empowering us to begin to see the unfairness and unsustainability of the current situation and how to co-create re-soul-utions. And the people power of the 99% is growing. But to ultimately heal, we need to understand that ‘we are the 100%’ There is no them and us, there is only us all. Only by transcending the apparent duality and engaging everyone in global transformation will we be able to heal our relationship with each other and with Gaia and achieve our amazing potential.

This is I believe our fundamental choice, greatest hope and transformational promise of 2012 and beyond.

© Jude Currivan 2012

Jude’s latest book is HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth available from amazon

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