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March 2010



Lydia Solini

Winter's influence is starting to wane and Spring's inspiring and insightful energy is making its presence felt. Keep in mind that spring is a time to venture outward, to embrace new beginnings! So make resolutions and plans to carry out your yearnings.

As an astrologer I celebrate the New Year as Aries dawns; Aries energy is courageous and challenging and this is a great cycle to get yourself revved up and ready to invest in whatever you have a passion for. Question yourself and others if you are just following along without enthusiasm. The most important thing you can do is to be open to new paths; to welcome learning something new; to be conscious of your choices and thoughts. A great way to clarify your life is to do a spring-cleaning of your surroundings and your lifestyle. Reassess your aims and objectives; and be willing to admit that things need to change. Practice crafts and art forms you enjoy and get in touch with Mother Earth. Spring’s energy is one of life renewing itself so create all kinds of spiritual unions; within nature prepare your ground for flowers and vegetables and rekindle your spiritual union with special friends. Create a shrine/altar, which highlights your spiritual intentions. Cameron and Glenn are preparing a wonderful weekend that is invoking the insightful energy of Spring I hope you will join me at EARTH SPIRIT CONFERENCE; to celebrate “Conscious Living in a Sacred World.” I will be there participating and also giving Astrology/Intuitive Readings. For more information about my services please check out my website:


Lydia Solini has been a natural intuitive since childhood and professional certified Astrologer for 25 years. She believes the combination of Intuition and Astrology creates unbeatable accuracy, which helps her clients regain clarity, and confidence and a greater awareness that life offers endless choices in challenging situations.

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