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2012....and beyond

by Jude Currivan

"So, what’s going to happen in 2012?" Or "What’s going to happen after 2012?"

As the notion of 2012 being somehow important began to become more widely known over the last few years and with a great deal of confusion around its significance, I’ve been asked these questions numerous times. Until recently, I've tended to answer both questions something along the lines that I don't know what the transition of 2012 will entail or what it may lead to, but I believe that whatever it is depends on the choices and decisions we make now. Read more...



by Glenn Broughton

Stonehenge is arguably the most famous sacred site in the world. One and a half million people a year visit this pile of stones in the English countryside, why? Reasons are many and varied, but behind them seems to be a desire deep within the human experience to reconnect with source/spirit. People have needs beyond the physical and emotional and many people know intuitively where to go to satisfy those needs. Read more...


Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind

by Graham Hancock

There are many gaps in the fossil record between about 7 million years ago (the date of our supposed last common ancestor with chimpanzees) and the emergence of the first civilisations recognised by historians around 5000 years ago. Read more...


Earth Mother/Goddess

by Peter Knight

In ancient times the Earth Mother or Goddess was a primary deity, the spiritual driving force that inspired the building of so many temples and megalithic sites worldwide. Read more...


Spring Equinox

by Lydia Solini

Winter's influence is starting to wane and spring's inspiring and insightful energy is making its presence felt. Keep in mind that spring is a time to venture outward, to embrace new beginnings! So make resolutions and plans to carry out your yearnings.

As an astrologer I celebrate the New Year as Aries dawns; Aries energy is courageous and challenging and this is a great cycle to get yourself revved up and ready to invest in whatever you have a passion for. Question yourself and others if you are just following along without enthusiasm... Read more...


The Path of HOPE

by Jude Currivan

Ten years ago, I had a major "download" of spiritual information that ultimately unfolded into a global quest to understand our hidden heritage and cosmic destiny and whose revelations and understanding I share in my books The 8th Chakra and The 13th Step. Over the last couple of months, a further call by Spirit has begun to unfold. Read more...


Celebrating the Beauty and Joy of the Earth

by Zacciah Blackburn

We have yet to find the path for universal peace and understanding. One answer lies very close to us, in the celebration of the Earth, her elements, and her peoples. She holds a template for our beauty and joy and harmony which can assist us in our path to wholeness. Read more...


Conference April 13-15, 2012

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