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Sacred sites


The Megalithic Portal

An encyclopedic site about megalithic sites in UK and Europe

Sacred Connections

Scotland's hidden past, Celtic history, sacred mysteries, earth energies. Seminars, workshops and short tours to Scottish sacred sites

Isle of Avalon

Gateway to the life and mysteries of Glastonbury, the ancient Isle of Avalon

Glastonbury Tor

All about the Tor, including a panorama from the top

Megalithomania Conference

Ancient Knowledge Conference in Glastonbury

Mid-Atlantic Geomancy

Geomantic resource site - Sig Lonegren, formerly of Vermont, now living in Glastonbury

Fountain International

Healing your local community through intent

Sacred Sites of the Boyne Valley

Site for Ireland's main megalithic centre


Products and services


The Henge Shop, Avebury

A lovely shop in Avebury, England

The Psychic Children

Avalon Rising

Planetary healing project

Blue Feather Stained Glass

Crop circle designs captured in glass


Fine jewelry inspired by crop circles

The Rainbow Institute

The place for Exceptional Psychic Readings, Taking Classes to Enhance Your Light and Learning Tools to Step into the New Earth Dynamics!

Heron Brook Haven

A Spiritual, Healing and Teaching Center nestled in the natural beauty of the Green Mountains.

Echo Valley Ranch and Spa

Fun, adventure and relaxation in the Great Canadian Wilderness

Journeys of the Spirit

Journeys of the Spirit: spiritual retreats, women's retreats & spiritual journeys

Stone Seekers

One and two day guided tours of British ancient sites


People we like


Lydia Solini

Resident astrologer at our conferences

Hamish Miller

Dowser, author and blacksmith in Cornwall, England

Graham Hancock

The original Graham Hancock website

Palden Jenkins

Palden is the webmaster of our website - he lives in Cornwall & Palestine

Jude Currivan

All about Jude's interests and writings

The Center of Light

Zacciah Blackburn's website


Crop Circle sites


Crop Circle Connector

The latest pictures and field reports as the season progresses

Temporary Temples

Photographer and author Steve and Karen Alexander - pictures and yearbooks

UK Crop Circles

Bringing crop circles down to earth. Reports, images and much more

BLT Research

Detailed scientific research findings into crop circles, run by Nancy Talbott

Swirled News

Informed news and reviews on developments in the crop circle world
with incisive commentary and analysis (editor Andy Thomas)

Lucy Pringle

Photographer, author and researcher into the effects of crop circles

Crop Circle Research

Paul Vigay: comprehensive international crop circle database

Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group

Crop circle research and conference in Marlborough, UK

Glastonbury Symposium

Signs of our Times conference in Glastonbury, July each year

The Summer Crop Circle Lectures

Annual crop circle conference in Devizes, UK





Dedicated to promoting spiritual enlightenment


The Parallel Community

Connecting far-flung groups worldwide


American Society of Dowsers


Canadian Society of Dowsers


The Antiquarian Society


British Society of Dowsers Earth Energies Group




Teonix Web Directory

Directory for travel and tourism


A selective web directory

Earth Spirit Conferences

Learn from the past

act in the present

and create the future.

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