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Crop Circles & 2012

In response to many requests to focus on crop circles and to make the event as affordable as possible, we creatively put together a day's program on Saturday dedicated to the remarkable phenomenon of crop circles and what it may mean for the world changes we're seeing in 2012. With top international presenters including Michael Glickman, Karen & Steve Alexander, Glenn Broughton and Jeffrey Wilson the subject was examineded from different perspectives.

Conference Speakers Included

Karen Alexander ~ Crop Circles: Geometry & Symbolism
Michael Glickman ~ Crop Circle Question Time
Ann Cathcart ~ Crop Circles and the New Consciousness of 2012 and Beyond
Jineen Cronin ~ Crop Circles, Creativity and Intuition
Jeffrey Wilson ~ Crop Circles & Their Relationship to Ancient Ohio Earthworks & Sites
Glenn Broughton ~ Ancient Mysteries for Modern Times
Cameron Broughton ~ Conference Host
Steve Alexander ~ Film Presentation: The Crop Circles of 2011
Labyrinth Walk ~ Sunday Earthclock Gathering & Ceremony
Heidi Bock ~ Morning Yoga with Heidi Bock
Raphael Groten ~ Prayerful Sound<>
Oneness Vermont ~ The Oneness Experience


Wisdom for Changing Times

Change was the focus of the 2008 Earth Spirit Conference. With tumultuous economic, political and environmental issues in the news everyday, more and more people realize that choices made today will determine our future for many years to come. The gathering of experts and teachers integrated knowledge from ancient civilizations with the laboratories of cutting edge science and revealed unlimited options for the direction of our planet.

About 150 participants from as close as Burlington to as far as the Netherlands, as well as dowsers from England, Canada and the United States attended the conference at The Ponds at Bolton Valley and explored some of the most pressing and compelling challenges of our times. The presentations consisted of stunning images of 2008 crop circles, discussions of lost civilizations, quantum physics and more.

The speakers present were:
Graham Hancock ~ The Lost Civilization
Jude Currivan ~ Co-creating with the Cosmos
Peter Knight ~ Connecting with the Earth Spirit
Glenn Broughton ~ Secrets of the Universe
Meredith Holcomb ~ Crop Circles 2008
Bearcloud ~ Messages from the Star Nation
Hugh Newman ~ Indigo Children
Francine Blake ~ Crop Circles & Change

This was another rich and rewarding event that keeps participants coming back for more!


Crop Circles, Sacred Landscapes and Spirit Wisdom

This year saw many exciting new changes for us! We welcomed our partner Nancy Masino and with her created 'Earth Spirit Conferences', the organization now hosting our annual conference. Our venue changed as we said goodbye to Goddard College and moved to The Ponds, Bolton Valley Resort's beautiful new meeting facility. With change comes a surge of new life, opening the door to a myriad of possibilities. Newly inspired we took a fresh look at the direction we wanted to move in and created another inspiring event!

The spirit of the conference took on a life of its own as friendships were forged and rekindled by all those who gathered. It was a privilege to be part of this community comprised of our fantastic long-time committed staff, eager returning attendees, some of our tour participants, an expanding number of enthusiastic newcomers and the excellent presenters who came from far and wide. We are very appreciative to those presenters for sparking our imaginations and illuminating our minds!

Setting the tone for the weekend Cameron invited friend and musician A. Michelle to open the conference each day with a sung prayer. Transporting us to deeper realms she opened our hearts and minds, preparing us for the presentations ahead.

Following the theme that emerged from our 2006 forum 'shift happens' some of our speakers brought us a step further by explaining why shift happens. Marcus Mason opened the weekend with a planetary overview of how the Earth's energy grids are impacted by major planetary alignments. He further stated that with focused human intent we can have an impact on the changes that occur within personal and planetary consciousness.

Our view of the spirit world was stretched by Nancy Talbot. She shared her personal experiences of unknown energies or life forms that appeared to her during her visit to Holland, where she researches the crop circle phenomenon. She contended that many paranormal events are actually physically real and occurring all over the world, raising many questions about the nature of human consciousness and what we describe as "reality".

Jane Buchan and Lynn Hartwood allowed us to integrate these new concepts into our being through their unique Sacred Ground Dance. They have become regular firm favorites each year at our conference, bringing their wonderful blend of spirituality, music, dance and fun. It was the perfect way to experience the seen and unseen energies as they weaved their magic through dance. Looking round the room the smiling faces told me that everyone was enjoying this as much as I was!

Saturday began with one of our favorite returning crop circle experts, Francine Blake. Her knowledge and understanding of the crop circle phenomena is beyond words. She somehow clearly and distinctly pulls together the threads of crop circles and metaphysics demonstrating how the symbols have facilitated the evolution of our thought process, changing our perception of reality.

We were honored to be joined by Hamish Miller, master dowser and explorer, whose Scottish brogue and "canny wit" added to the charm of his presentation. He demonstrated how focusing our intent on the energetic center of the room caused it to increase in size and shape, altering its patterning. It's always good to be reminded that communication makes a difference on many different levels.

We invited Ross Holcumb, who has attended our conference for several years, to share with us his knowledge and experience gained from visiting the crop circles of England and Europe. With his bright, fresh perspective he connected crop circles to the great shift that many of us are feeling today.

Martin Gray, our Saturday night speaker, brought us to the edge of our comfort zone by challenging the perspectives of some modern day researchers. We appreciated his slide show of hundreds of sacred site photos spanning a 20-year period. His talk provided us with the opportunity to put into action different ways of dealing with our discomfort, both individually and as a community.

Glenn and Cameron Broughton shared with us their passion for sacred sites and the earth energies and mysteries that envelop them. Through beautiful photographs taken on their journey following the Mary & Michael leyline, they wove a story of their personal experiences and the lessons they learned along the way. By sharing the stage in alternating segments, their unique styles mirrored the masculine and feminine energies found in the earth energy currents themselves.

Returning to the stage, Marcus blessed us with a beautiful meditation, stirring our senses with a moving audio visual presentation of images from around the world and beyond shown in unison with evocative music.

The finale was definitely grand. Jude Currivan, author, physicist and intuitive, showed us how an empowering new worldview is emerging. With great skill she led us through the complex world of quantum physics and linked this in with cutting edge ideas on the power of consciousness. She did all this in a language we could all understand and which touched our hearts to such an extent that she received a standing ovation at the end of her presentation.

The conference was closed with us uniting in a circle holding hands and joining in with John Lennon singing 'Imagine'. There weren't many dry eyes in the house. It was an uplifting event that seemed to give us all renewed hope and inspiration to carry forward into the year ahead. We were honored to share this empowering weekend with all those present and we look forward to welcoming all who are moved to join us at our 2008 conference.

Namaste, Cameron, Glenn, Nancy and the Earth Spirit Conferences Team


Our 2006 Crop Circles and Beyond Conference was thought by many to be the best so far. We stepped it up a notch this year to tackle the all-encompassing topic of what crop circles might mean to us as human beings. Our wonderful line-up of speakers and workshop presenters tackled the subject from a myriad of directions creating comprehensive coverage of an elusive subject. 'Shift happens' seemed to be the theme of the weekend along with alchemy, sacred geometry and miracles. We also widened the scope further by investigating how crop circles inform sound healing, shamanic journeying, the human aura and dowsing. Moving beyond the lecture hall our workshop program offered an exciting range of practical experiences. From the comments below you'll see that everyone appeared to have had a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding weekend.


Here is what they said...

By far my favorite conference every year. The growth in understanding from year to year is incredible. Well organized but also gentle in spirit. A gathering that bestows its blessings upon all who attend. Thank you for another fabulous, stimulating, exhilarating experience. An entertaining and inspiring conference about the most important thing happening in the world.

Thank you for helping me go higher, for grounding me deeper, for opening a portal for my self-expansion. I feel what you all are doing - please, keep going and expressing your joy, your love and your enthusiasm. It's working!

May Glenn and Cameron continue to share the journey of awakening to consciousness with such aliveness!

It was inspiring to attend such a gathering, which linked our experiences on all levels.

Very well put together forum. Great group of people!

Thank you Cameron and Glenn for an exceptional weekend. Wonderful ambiance, company and connections. I'll be back; exciting times!

Thank you for this wonderful weekend. Although held at a college, it felt as if we came to your home.

First time to attend the crop circle conference, I'm so glad I came. I feel lifted to a higher level of awareness.

I thought this conference was the best yet. The information seems to have advanced a lot in the last two years.

FANTASTIC! Top-notch presenters! So well organized! You guys are truly a gift...


Feedback from conference attendees 2005

What balance you arranged for us and what a send off with Quantum Community. It was terrific. Again, thank you both so much for the heart space in which to grow with you.

What an amazing time - to be among so many kindred souls willing to push the envelope!

Thank you all! The conference coordination was great. The speakers were excellent and the contrast of left and right brain perspectives was outstanding. On the whole, good energy and a fabulous way to come together. Look forward to coming again!

Enormous thanks to Glenn, Cameron and the helpers for a really great conference. All the vast amount of work preparing this event showed up in such a perfect weekend. Thank you and big hugs!

You did such a wonderful job on the conference, bringing in an important aspect of spirit. People need such things very badly and such things are rare and hard to come by, especially in this country. Congratulations for a well-done path of spirit and thank you for letting me connect with yours.

Love that 'Brit Wit'! Thanks Lucy, Freddy, Andy and Glenn.

This conference - everyone involved was so inspirational - wow - my heart and spirit are so full!

I enjoyed the conference - another great success story for you. Well done. Yet again, you were wonderful hosts to us and I appreciated it very much.

I came seeking some "truth" about crop circles and enjoyed the variety of approaches towards understanding. I feel compelled to share the images with others to promote their "awakening" to new perspectives and to increase my own.

Tears of joy and thankfulness were flowing out of my eyes - Glenn that was the most powerful and beautiful talk I have ever heard - what a true inspiration from a true Angel on Earth!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Huge congratulations on your wonderful conference. I thoroughly enjoyed myself meeting so many lovely people and just having a really good time.

How incredibly blessed and honored I feel to have been a part of this incredible weekend. Both of us have an understanding and deep appreciation for all the coordinating that goes on to bring something like this conference together. You all did it in a way that expressed grace and ease! Bravi!!!

Cameron, thank you for doing a good job introducing and managing the time.

Thank you for this incredible weekend! What a treat! I loved every minute of it. I so appreciate your heart-centered ways of being. I can't wait till next year's conference!

Do it again next year!

Well, it was stellar. You deserve all the kudos you receive and then some.

Way to go, Cameron and Glenn, you rock!

Having received such positive feedback after last year's conference we went out on a limb and extended the conference to a three-day event. This opened it up for the possibility for day passes as well. The response was encouragingly positive there were even some who asked if we couldn't extend it to a week!

Cameron Broughton, conference co-organizer, stretched her parameters this year by hosting the weekend and starting off the conference with an introduction to crop circles. This included a pictorial history of crop circles in a power point presentation, her first ever. Her audience was very encouraging and boosted her spirits to soar through the weekend with delight and ease.

We invited two newcomers to our conference, Brian Crissey and his partner Pam Meyer. They were a perfect balance of right and left brained activity. Brian systematically brought us through his 'Clearwater Thesis' revealing his beliefs about extraterrestrial's desires to not 'muddy the water' by forcing us to react to their presence but inspire us with crop circles, a cosmic fertilizer for humans who are open to spiritual growth. Pam shared her findings regarding deep healing with crop circle energy essences and led us through a meditation setting the tone for the weekend.

Barbara Lamb returned at the request of many attendees, from 2004, who were rewarded with yet another wonderful talk from Barbara. In her gentle and eloquent way she shared her spiritual perspective with richly illustrated slides of crop circles and indicating they're spiritual contact and/or messages from higher beings.

We were thrilled to have Jane Buchan and Lynn Hartwood back to lead us in a Sacred Ground Dance on the Friday evening. What a gentle and grounded yet spiritual and energetic way Lynn and Jane have of bringing everyone together in community, and have fun at the same time! Many of the newcomers had never done any of these dances before yet it didn't matter as the circle flowed and spiraled beautifully creating wonderful energetic patterns in the hall where the speakers would weave their magic over the rest of the weekend. Their reception was wonderfully positive.

We were delighted to welcome Lucy Pringle to join us to share her research into the unexplained phenomena and what crop circles are doing to us. The stories that she has collected over the years from hundreds of people who have entered crop circles are fascinating. She delivered her research findings with beautiful English wit and charm. We also had the pleasure of viewing her wonderful photos that were available in our vending hall along with her crop circle calendars.

Another newcomer on the scene was Jeff Wilson, one of North America's top researchers of crop circles with the largest data base of circles that have occurred in the United States. Many people at the conference were unaware that crop circles even occur in the U S as there is so little publicity about them. Jeff's presentation was very professional and extremely informative. We were very excited to hear about the similarities with England as to where they occur, near water and sacred sites, and the sacred geometry they hold along with the landscape alignments that they create. We'll be keeping our ears open for more information coming from his group, The Independent Crop Circles Researchers' Association.

Welcoming back Bearcloud we were happy once again for him to share the wisdom of his Native American tradition in combination with truly insightful sacred geometry he has found encoded in the Star Nation glyphs. His focus this year was on one of the most spectacular circles of the summer that occurred in East Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire, UK, on July 3, 2005. This he illustrated with beautiful animated graphics to stunning effect, in combination with animations of this circle with paintings that he had created years before. His videos again were most popular in the vending hall.

Trisha Pope who led us in voice work at last year's conference brought her Tamarack Choir with her this year. They were a great addition to the weekend with fantastic and amazing voices connecting us to spirit! The response was positively YES!

Another wonderful addition to our weekend event was our Saturday night speaker, Freddy Silva, well known by many as an author and international presenter. Freddy's charm and wit shined throughout his wide-ranging presentation while he shared evidence of the effects that ancient temples, cathedrals and crop circles have on us and how they continue to shape our consciousness.

We were honored to welcome back Andy Thomas, author, presenter and co-organizer of the Glastonbury Symposium. Andy is always a provocative and bold presenter and he didn't disappoint us as he set the scene on Sunday morning, ever reminding us to question knowledge for ourselves as he explored 'crop circle truths'. His presentation was thought provoking and mind expanding as he led us through supposed 'facts' that we take for granted without exploring their original source.

Glenn Broughton is a researcher, presenter, co-organizer of this Crop Circle Conference and Sacred Britain Tours. In his inimitable heart-centered and passionate way Glenn explored crop circles as an 'interactive phenomenon' richly illustrated with images and personal experiences. His approach provided a refreshing , meaningful and important understanding of earth mysteries; these can teach us about the power of place and show us insights into ourselves along with their implications for the world.

We were privileged to close our event with Quantum Community. In a theater in the round setting we were transported into another way of seeing our world through the skillful use of a collage of layered film images projected on a nine foot hoop screen, multiple paintings on veiled fabric, poems and narrative readings, moving veils of fabric, sound images, toning, meditation, and yoga movements. With great sensitivity they addressed difficult issues of our time and concluded with hope and positivity. Thank you so much to Gillian Comstock, Cameron Davis, Ogion Fulford and Joan White-Hansen for bringing this inspiring and amazing event to us and for letting us participate with you. It was a wonderful closing to our weekend.

Special thanks to our helpers Nancy Masino, Donna Lescoe, Mikala Brent Crow, Ananda Fitzsimmons, Layla Ray, Ali Wagner and Nancy Blackett. You were all outstanding and helped to make the conference run as smoothly as it did! Many thanks to Jill Washburn, Emily Bandru and all the staff at Goddard College who were superb, always on hand and ever cheerful. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Linda Allen who was wonderfully helpful with her marketing skills.

Goddard College has hired their own special cooks, who did all the catering for this conference. They received much praise for the standard of the food - much more than you normally expect at an event of this nature. Thank you for your superb food, catering to special diets and serving up a smile with every meal.


The audience at the conference

Barbara Lamb lecturing
Bearcloud giving his presentation
Nancy Talbot and Glenn Broughton
Andy Thomas in discussions
Cameron Broughton

Thank you to everyone who attended the conference in 2004 and made it such a special event. It was uplifting to see so many happy faces and watch new friendships develop as we all gathered to celebrate this mystery. The presenters were inspired and inspiring.

The conference opened with Sacred Ground Dance on the Friday evening. What a gentle and grounded yet spiritual and energetic way Lynn and Jane have of bringing everyone together in community, and have fun at the same time! Most people had never done any of these dances before yet it didnt matter as the circle flowed and spiralled beautifully creating wonderful energetic patterns in the hall where the speakers would weave their magic over the rest of the weekend. If you were inspired by this dance check out the 2005 Sacred Ground Dance Tour on our tour page!

Andy Thomas set the scene with an enlightening recap of the history of crop circles bringing us right up to date. For newcomers to this phenomenon this was the perfect introduction, and for more experienced 'croppies' an enlivening reminder of where we have come from to arrive at this point today. Information, facts, images and humour - I wish he'd been my History teacher when I was at school. Then on Sunday morning he inspired the audience with a wide-ranging presentation on the power of collective thought. This appeared to offer hope of another way forward following the disappointing US election result of a few days earlier and earned him a standing ovation.

Barbara Lamb charmed us with her gentle presentation style yet powerful and detailed channelled information on the meaning of particular crop formation patterns. This information was so well received that her book containing this material sold out quickly.

Nancy Talbott, with her hundreds of slides, provided the scientific evidence for crop circles as a genuine phenomenon. After the information she presented it would have taken a truly closed heart and mind to deny the validity of this enigma. She illustrated her presentation with many images of crop circles from North America as well as Europe. On Sunday afternoon she showed us , for the first time ever in public, the remarkable events that have been unfolding in Holland with relation to crop circles.

Glenn Broughton illustrated why crop circles occur close to ancient sacred sites and the importance of underground water in the process. He then shared the story of how the Barbury Castle formation of 1991 relates to so many sacred sites and the energy work that he and a group of committed individuals did to help heal our world. His presentation was full of emotion and passion as always and inspired many in the audience. For details of this work go to the research page on this website.

Bearcloud shared the wisdom of his Native American tradition in combination with truly insightful sacred geometry he has found encoded in the Star Nation glyphs. This he illustrated with beautiful animated graphics to stunning effect. His videos were most popular in the vending hall.

Trisha Pope led us in voice work to energise us during this full Saturday, it was both fun and healing and well received by those present.

Our dedicated group of healers were on call throughout the weekend offering massage, reflexology, Tarot readings, astrological counselling, pre-breakfast yoga, Reiki/Shamanic healing and sound healing, and many conference attendees took full advantage of these great services to enhance their experience of the weekend and to help process the new information presented.

Special thanks to our helpers Mikala, Ananda, Ali, Layla, Jamie and Nancy. You were all outstanding and helped to make the conference run as smoothly as it did! Many thanks to Jill and her staff at Goddard College who were superb, always on hand and ever cheerful.

New England Culinary Institute, who did all the catering for this conference received much praise for the standard of the food - much more than you normally expect at an event of this nature. Thank you for your superb food, catering to special diets and serving up a smile with every meal.

Feedback from 2004 conference attendees

I recommend the Vermont Crop Circle Conference as a beautiful marriage of science and spirituality for those who like to plan ahead for next fall. Glenn and Cameron did a great job of organizing and facilitating. I look forward to attending again the last weekend in October 2005. For those fortunate enough to drive, it is a beautiful trip to Vermont.

I've done many conferences, but I have to say that the atmosphere at yours was one of the best. Very warm and friendly, and with a sense of unity among the attenders. Every speaker had something good to offer and everything clicked together perfectly.

It was a very mind blowing weekend for me. I learned quite a bit this first year. Being a college student this conference gave me a chance for the first time to network and learn from experienced people rather than just reading articles online written by some joe schmoe.

Cameron, your own gentle graciousness had a large impact upon the ambience of the conference. Thank you for being you.

The location was pretty. Accommodations were fine. The food was excellent. It was an affordable price for such a wonderful conference. It had a very welcoming and warm atmosphere. I can't wait for the next one.

I would like to thank you so much for an awesome conference. It had the perfect mix of scientific and spiritual information.

Thank you again for producing the Conference of the Century -- one of the most Outstanding Gatherings of participants and speakers ever! It was truly a weekend of excitement and spiritual exchange!

I really appreciated you attention to time - it kept the presenters moving along at a good pace, and gave us breaks to stretch and discuss.

Your choice of speakers was first rate.

What a wonderful end of conference to be gifted such a beautiful sky of curtains of changing color and an essence of moving spirit on a night sky (the Aurora Borealis put on a show for us!). With the Pleiades in the center marked a special note for me in these gifts that have been given from the Star Nation people...

Sacred Ground Dance led by Jane and Lynn. This was deeply magical and a healing and a perfect beginning.

Fascinating topics, fabulous speakers, spellbinding visuals. I loved the dance; it was a wonderful way to begin the weekend. The speakers were arranged in the perfect order. I felt so at home with you two, your presenters, and the college. I felt as though I was in a group of special people; so special that they seemed like a new species

Bearcloud had his own unique viewpoint which was mind-expanding.

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