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All Souls Interfaith Gathering
All Souls Interfaith Gathering
All Souls Interfaith Gathering
Earth Spirit Conference
But these are advanced proportional-geometry discussions instead, to add to the variety
Well, you could indeed say that, yes.
Advanced mathematical formulas under discussion
Probably not dowsing for uranium deposits



Conscious Living in a Sacred World

a Gathering of Remarkable Teachers and Wisdom Keepers

April 9-11, 2010

All Souls Interfaith Gathering in Shelburne, VT

Become a part of creating the future you want to see.

Conference speakers


Cameron Broughton - Master of Ceremonies

Cameron Broughton

Cameron is honored to welcome all who join us at our 2010 Earth Spirit Conference and will be your host for the weekend. Opening the event with an introduction she will weave together the presenter's topics and how they relate to the theme of the weekend, Conscious Living in a Sacred World, a topic close to her heart. With her intuitive grace she will guide the events of the weekend, creating an atmosphere of unity and ease.


Glenn & Cameron Broughton

Seeds of Expansion

Glenn and CameronThis presentation will start with a review of the life and work of Hamish Miller, a dowser extraordinaire and close friend and mentor of Glenn and Cameron. Because of his dedicated and groundbreaking work on rediscovering 'Earth Energies' our understanding of the nature of the web of life has expanded dramatically. In this joint presentation Cameron and Glenn will examine his legacy in the light of the wisdom bequeathed us by our Neolithic ancestors. We believe they naturally understood the energetic building blocks of creation and we'll show how we can utilize the lessons still present at sacred sites to create the world we have been dreaming about. Energies of the Earth, energies from the cosmos, Universal laws and our true innate potential will all come together to help guide us on the next leg of our journey. Hold onto your hats, this will be a truly inspiring start to the conference!

Glenn's journeying through ancient sacred sites and the modern mystery of crop circles has been a pathway to both universal truths and his own personal spirituality. He has found that such places of the Earth spirit have opened up access to the unseen world that underlies reality. Glenn is a teacher, healer and tour guide who has set up and led a non-profit community arts center, Earth Mysteries groups and ethical businesses.

Cameron's life journey as an explorer, seeker of spirit and facilitator of well-being has honed her intuitive abilities that she utilizes in her healing practice of 23 years and as a group tour leader. She was introduced to the ancient sacred sites of England in 1996 where she met Glenn and has been visiting them ever since. She has been particularly interested in the present evolutionary shift of consciousness and the connection between Earth energies and the human spirit.

Together Glenn and Cameron guide people to explore sacred sites and crop circles through Sacred Britain Tours. They co-organize this conference and regularly present at conferences on both sides of the Atlantic. Glenn has been the keynote speaker for the American and Canadian Society of Dowsers Annual Conventions. Glenn and Cameron have given interviews on crop circles and sacred sites on both television and radio.

Karen Alexander

New Dimensions, New Consciousness, New Worldview

Karen Alexander

The crop circles patterns seem to be preparing us and guiding us toward a new understanding of space and dimension and its intimate link to our conscious perception of the universe. But there are many other things happening in our world on the same parallel moving towards the same destination. Karen will be looking at these many parallels and drawing them together to try and distinguish what exactly this destination will be. Drawing on crop circle designs - then moving outwards into the wider world, she will explore the way in which mankind is moving inexorably towards a new state of perception and the discovery of new worlds and new realms.

Karen is a long time circles researcher who has for many years brought a genteel and introspective touch to researching the crop circles. A respected and influential speaker and writer, her work seamlessly fuses sacred art, spirituality, psychology and philosophy - the scholarly and the intuitive. Karen is perhaps best known as the writer behind the annually published Crop Circle Year Books (1999 - 2008) and Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders & Mysteries, Arcturus 2006.


Zacciah Blackburn

Living Earth, Living Relations: Awakening the Dragon

Zacciah Blackburn

Most indigenous and wisdom based cultures of the world honor and recognize the Earth and its elements, stones, waters, trees and vast plant and animal life as living conscious beings. They engage in symbiotic relationship with them in dynamic ways that defy logic and the Western rational view of the world. The elders of those cultures are also telling us that we are in the midst of an unprecedented awakening of human consciousness. It behooves us to consider this, and to enter relationship with the Earth and its many keepers. By doing so we can open to, and align with, the mysteries of Life. We shall explore these principals, through the landscape and sacred sites of New England, from the stone dream chambers of the Calendar sites, to the three sacred mountains and three lakes. These comprise a perfect Star Tetrahedron, a sacred geometry which signifies and contains the mysteries of the Union of Divine Feminine and Masculine Principles of Life. What they offer has profoundly affected those working with them in simple ceremony and living relationships.

Zacciah is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures. He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, USA, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies. Zacciah shares authentic trainings in the nature of human consciousness, explorations into the Shamanic worlds of Earth Energies and awareness, and teachings on the nature of sound and sacred sound practices, as a therapeutic healing modality. His in depth understanding provides life transforming experiences into the authentic nature, being, and wellness of who we are as spiritual beings. He is Director of Education at the International Sound Healing Network, and co-founder and Director of the World Sound Healing and All One Now Network of organizations working for global peace. See for further information. He also offers musical instruments of sacred sound cultures, and sound healing tools, at


Louise A. Dietzel, M.S.

The Power of Thinking to Transform your Life: Knowing What You Know, not What You have been Taught.

Louise DietzelWe live in a Sacred, marvelous Universe and we are Sacred. Our natural state and greatest asset is peacefulness. As visionary Prentice Mulford wrote in 1870, "Thoughts become Things." We know that our thoughts are vibrational energies that invite the same frequency into our daily lives. Our conscious and unconscious beliefs affect the connection. When our beliefs align with our desires, it is then that we are connected to our Sacred state of being. Our free will and choices are key factors in this process.

Louise shares concepts and steps in the creative process. Step one is taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behavior and knowing that you are a gift to yourself and others who have the pleasure of your presence. Middle steps include understanding your birthrights, aligning with who you are rather than what you do and changing your beliefs that are opposite of your natural state. The last step is understanding easy ways to engage the abundant invisible forces in the universe to live joyfully and harmoniously with your environment and with others. You can know, believe and trust the creative power in you, and then with others, transform our world to greater love.

Louise is a psychologist in private practice in Essex Junction, specializing in the psychology of adult/child relationships of all ages. Her focus is strength-based and she is honored to guide individuals, couples and families to the goodness and love of their original spirit of infinite love. In addition, she is a workshop and conference speaker, mental health consultant and a former Daycare/Preschool Director and Public School Elementary School Counselor. She is the author of Parenting With Respect and Peacefulness (1995) and Small Voices Great Wisdom: A Child Shall Lead Them (unpublished manuscript). Other activities are Instructor in the Graduate Clinical Psychology Program at St. Michael's College, Young Living Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils Wellness Consultant and Enagic Kangen water distributor.

Steve Alexander

Film Presentation: The Crop Circles of 2009

Steve Alexander

A sumptuous visual feast of moving and still images combined with an atmospheric soundtrack; this much anticipated annual presentation is not to be missed!

Steve is an internationally renowned photographer, whose images of the crop circles have graced books, media, documentaries and cinematic films worldwide for over ten years. Steve has long set the standard by which all other crop circle photography is judged. He is well-known for his influential annual presentation of the year's crop circle images, which he will now be presenting exclusively at The Summer Crop Circle Lectures. Steve is perhaps best known for his photography in the Crop Circle Year Books (1999-2008), the book Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders & Mysteries, Arcturus 2006, and for his four crop circle films 65 Days (2003), 360 Degrees (2005), Towers & Beyond (2007) and Mercurial Skies (2008).


Bill McKibben

A Worldwide Movement to Stop Global Warming

Bill McKibben

Bill will talk about the rise of a worldwide movement to heighten awareness and halt global warming -- among youth and people of faith -- and how it might actually make a difference in the climate battle. Bill will share slides with us that highlight the uniqueness of the planet and the fight to save it.

Bill McKibben is the author of eleven books, including his newest book, EAARTH to be released in April, The End of Nature and Deep Economy. He has been fighting hard to stop climate change since The End of Nature, his first book, was published. A former staff writer for The New Yorker, he writes regularly for Harper’s and The Atlantic Monthly, among other publications. Bill is the founder of whose mission is to inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis – to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet.

For more information about Bill and his books, please visit


Shyla Nelson

Voices of Humanity and the Earth: Reclaiming the Sacred Song

Shyla Nelson

We live at a time when humanity's relationship with the earth is unprecedentedly precarious. As all of our previously held paradigms shift, change, and fall away before our eyes, each of us is being invited to examine in ever deepening ways the essence of what it means to be human at our very core, and to live from our deepest capacities to be responsible stewards of the planet we call home. The human voice is the most powerful vehicle through which human beings reconnect to the core of our essential selves, and by extension, to the source of life itself: our Earth. When we live from the core, we tap into the timeless wellspring of all human endeavor - to the source of creativity, imagination, and wonder that lives within each of us. We reconnect to our essential humanity, to our basic goodness as people, and to the call to heal the relationship between ourselves and our planetary home.

Internationally renowned performing artist, speaker, and voice healer Shyla Nelson is the founder of Live From The Core ™, an international movement whose mission is to reconnect humanity to the earth through reclaiming the sacred power of the human voice in spoken and sung word. Her choral movement through song, The Good Earth Singers, are an essential arm of the LFTC movement as the ambassadors of a message of hope and healing to humanity and the earth. She is the developer of the CoreVoiceTM Code, a holistic mind/body voice practice that facilitates healing and personal transformation. In addition to performing, presenting workshops, seminars, and public speaking engagements around the world, Shyla maintains a private practice at her studio in Vermont.



Barbara Evans

Building a Sacred Image Key Grid

Barbara EvansTo build a Sacred Image Key Grid is to build a sacred site connecting from the Heart of the Universe to the Heart of the Earth. It is an incredible experience... it is intense... filled with wonder, beauty and joy... it is a blessing to all present, to the building, the land and the Earth herself. During the process all participants are offered a re-calibration of their energy fields in order that they may more fully connect with their full and true potential. The Sacred Image Key Grid is Sacred Geometry in action. It is based upon the Genesis Pattern and the Flower of Life while the building blocks are crystals and the Image Keys. The Image Keys are a series of Sacred Geometry Mandalas created by Barbara Evans through her interaction with members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The Image Keys represent the colors and frequencies of Creation and the Higher Dimensions; they hold messages of universal wisdom from the Spiritual Hierarchy together with the energies of many crystals. The Image Keys are a call to awaken and create a new way of living and being... A call to create a New Earth and New Dream built upon Love, Peace and Unity.

Barbara's dance with Sacred Geometry began in 1999. As Barbara followed her guidance and intuition she embarked upon an incredible journey to create the Image Keys and build them into Sacred Grids around the Earth. Many aspects of her story and the first thirteen Image Keys can be found in her newly released book, Messages Of Universal Wisdom: A Journey of Connection through the Heart. The Sacred Geometry of the thirteen Image Keys together with Affirmations, Poems, Decrees and channelings from ArchAngel Metatron and Mary Magdalene form the heart of the book. The approach to Sacred Geometry is through the Divine Feminine... intuitive rather than mathematical. Her own story is one of transformation as she has moved from teaching biology in the UK to becoming a Visionary Healing Artist in the USA. Prints of the Image Keys and signed copies of her book will be available at Earth Spirit Conference; they can be viewed at


Michael Glickman

Crop circles: Circling around the Square

Michael Glickman

This will be Michael's twentyfirst consecutive crop circle season and he remains as perplexed (though as delighted) as he was at the start of his involvement.

He will show how the crop circles have demonstrated, since the early years, a fascination with the ancient conundrum of the Squaring of the Circle. The increasing complexity of the phenomenon's subtle communications around this subject will be illustrated. These ideas could be important to us in our current circumstance. There is, he argues, an urgent need for gaps to be closed and circles to be completed.

Michael is a much-loved, respected and influential figure of the crop circle community, whose work on the geometry and interpretation of the crop circles has spanned over 20 years. A former architect and teacher, he is now a renowned and inspirational speaker and writer; he has long occupied a central space at the heart of research into this phenomenon. Michael has written many articles on the crop circles. His book, Crop Circles (published by Wooden Books), is now in its third revised edition. He is also author of Cornography (2007) and most recently his book Crop Circles: The Bones of God is published in June 2009. Michael writes the 'Crop Circle Blog' for Temporary Temples.

Dr Jude Currivan PhD

A Co-creator's Guide to the Bigger Picture

Jude Currivan

Our collective Shift in consciousness is gathering pace. The turmoil of our global transformation is calling on us to choose. Either we retreat into fear or we leap into love. Either we retreat into the me, or we come together as we to co-create a new and whole-world. If we only see the surface of the ocean it can appear stormy. But if we look beneath, we can appreciate the calm that prevails in its depths. If we only see the surface of our lives, we will experience the storms that threaten to engulf us. The Shift though is empowering us, in the midst of surface chaos, to see deeper and further to the bigger picture and purpose of these transformational times. As we expand our awareness, we may then perceive how the old paradigms, the limited and fragmented ways we have adhered to must go. And discover ways for us to embrace, co-create and embody a new way of living in peace, justice and harmony with each other and the living Earth. Jude will share her understanding of the bigger picture of the Shift, as an empowering call to personal and collective action.

Jude is a healer, cosmologist and visionary with close ties to the crop circle phenomenon. She is the author of The 8th Chakra, The 13th Step and CosMos, co-authored with Ervin Laszlo PhD, published by Hay House. She has also authored a CD: Heart, Mind and Purpose about her teachings and attunements. Jude has experienced multidimensional realities and guidance from early childhood, has a Masters Degree in quantum physics and cosmology and a PhD in archaeology researching ancient cosmologies. Her books are now available in 12 languages and over 25 countries. Her worldwide work combines leading edge science, frontier research into consciousness and ancient and emerging spiritual wisdom to empower others and raise consciousness. Dr Jude has been named one of the five rising stars of the Mind Body Spirit movement by Kindred Spirit magazine and their readers voted The 13th Step the best personal development book of 2007.

Heart-Centered Soul Healing personal sessions with Jude
As described in her book, The 8th Chakra, her healing work is at the transpersonal level of awareness of the 8th chakra of the universal heart and the higher levels of perception for which it is an energetic portal. Personal Heart-Centered Soul Healing (HCSH) sessions enable you to directly experience your own highest guidance to understand the root of old issues (perhaps lifetimes ago) and patterns that no longer support you and empower you to heal and re-soulve them at their deepest causative source.
Each session lasts one hour and costs $150. Contact Cameron at to make an appt with Jude.

Lydia Solini


Lydia Solini

Lydia has been a natural intuitive since childhood and professional certified Astrologer for 25 years. She believes that the combination of Intuition and Astrology creates an unbeatable accuracy which helps her clients regain clarity, self understanding as well as seeing that life offers endless choices in challenging situations. She has a regular article in the Earth Spirit Conference and Sacred Britain Newsletter. She will be offering readings at the conference. Please check out her website for information on the readings she offers and her fees. Contact her directly for an appointment .

Lydia writes: I offer many diverse readings; to name just a few: Natal/Personality reading, 3, 6 month to 1 year Progressions, Career Analysis, Compatibility, Geographical Relocation and many more. For the person who has many questions I offer General readings for 30 to 60 minutes. The fee for these readings vary: General readings $30 (30 minutes), $60 (60 minutes); Natal ($85), Career Analysis ($85); 3 month Progression ($45), 6 month Progression ($65); 1 Year Progression ($85), etc. I suggest that you check out my website and make your appointments directly with me. You may or phone me at 802-860-2995. I welcome your questions and I am available to help you figure out the reading that is right for you. I will be recording my readings so that you can get the most out of our session by listening again and again. All readings other than General Readings will need to be booked and prepaid in advance; composing my analysis for a client takes many hours prior to meeting with them. I look forward to seeing you at the conference!

A Michelle

A Michelle

Prayerful Song

A. Michelle has become a part of our Earth Spirit Conferences family and will open each day with a prayerful song, setting the tone for the day. A. Michelle has been in the music business for over 20 years and along with her partner Al Gomes, is the founder of Big Noise, an international music production and artist development firm. In 2008, she was commissioned by Sacred Britain, Inc. to record a theme song, 'Michael and Mary' ( for their annual Earth Spirit Conference. and

Cameron Davis

Cameron Davis

Art Exhibit

Earth Spirit Conferences has asked Cami to exhibit her art work at this year's conference. We know that her art will move and inspire you. Cami considers her painting process to be a practice of conscious awareness of Earth and the mystery of Being.

Cami is an artist and Lecturer with the University of Vermont's Department of Art and Art History. She also teaches with the UVM's Environmental Program and the Institute for Global Sustainability.

Oneness Vermont

The Oneness Experience

Oneness BlessingOneness blessing givers will be offering blessings during the breaks at our conference. Here is what Marieken Uijen-Volz, the organizer of 'Oneness NorthEast', says about it: "Oneness Experience is the transfer of powerful and healing energy via the hands or over a distance through intention. Oneness Experience is meant to begin a strong spiritual awakening by affecting the neuro-biology of our brain and increasing the flow of energy through the chakras, and also supports the healing of various aspects of our lives." Oneness NorthEast

Earth Spirit Conferences

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Background pictures: menu bar - Stonehenge; above - crop circle, East Field, Alton Barnes, England, 2007