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Just discovered the nature of ultimate reality!
Jude explains that, actually, the ultimate reality for an English person is a cup of tea
Perambulatory ruminations - in this case, discussing neither tea nor ultimate reality (it's a secret)



Conscious Living in a Sacred World

a Gathering of remarkable Teachers and Wisdom Keepers

April 9 - 11, 2010

Become a part of creating the future you want to see.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Friday Afternoon, April 9, 2:30 - 5:30

Pre-conference workshops are for people attending the whole conference only.

We are offering three very exciting pre-conference workshops. Karen & Michael's workshop is limited to twenty people, Zacchiah and Jude's workshops are each limited to twenty-five people, so please sign up early. The fee for each workshop is $100. Register Now to secure your place.

Michael Glickman & Karen Alexander


This workshop is full. Please see the others, below.

Michael Glickman Karen AlexanderGeometry, number and proportion are the language with which the crop circles have chosen to open their conversation with us. To understand basic geometrical form is to begin to speak the language of the circles and to commence the work of unraveling their meaning. This hands-on workshop will show you how to set about drawing the crop circles and how to begin to understand the implications of their number, form and proportion.

Drawing a simple circle and other basic geometric shapes can itself be a point of entry into mystical and transcendental experience. For many, this is the first step towards an understanding of the nature and origin of the material world and its implicit structure.

Michael Glickman & Karen Alexander will lead you through a series of geometric forms and discuss their appearance in crop circle designs over many years. They will set you on a path, that should you continue, promises many revelations about not just the crop circles but about the entirety of creation. They will discuss number, philosophy and fundamental questions such as the nature of form. This amazing opportunity to work firsthand with two veteran researchers should not be missed.

Dr. Jude Currivan


Jude Currivan

As we approach 2012, our greatest opportunity is to integrate all aspects of ourselves into an empowered wholeness that enables us to embody our highest purpose. In this experiential, inspirational workshop with cosmologist and planetary healer Dr Jude Currivan you will energetically connect with your Higher Self through the universal heart of the 8th chakra to experience accessible, practical and above all achievable ways to attune to your highest guidance for insight and healing at the deepest level. And in so doing to In-To-Great your heart, mind and purpose and awaken and embody the divine awareness that is your heritage and destiny.


Zacciah Blackburn

The Grand Star Tetrahedron of New England: Sacred Lakes, Sacred Mountains; Activating the Personal and Planetary MerKaBa

Karin and Sig Lonegren

Geometric templates of the Divine Union of Heaven and Earth compose all life forms, as all life arises in harmony to Divine Proportions. New England has a unique landscape composed of 3 major mountains and lakes forming a nearly perfect Star Tetrahedron, the geometric representation of the Divine Union within All Life This same relationship is perceived within the human form, and critical to activation of one's personal MerKaBa, an aspect of our light body of consciousness. We will learn about and activate our personal MerKaBa, enter relationship with creative forces working with esoteric understandings of its principals, and seek to establish right relationship with these elements of the Earth where we live. Entering Right Relationship with the Earth is seen as paramount to our coming into our power as Co-creators.



Earth Spirit Conferences

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