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Just discovered the nature of ultimate reality!
Jude explains that, actually, the ultimate reality for an English person is a cup of tea
Perambulatory ruminations - in this case, discussing neither tea nor ultimate reality (it's a secret)



Towards 2012 ~ Be The Change!

Create the future you want to see...

April 1-3, 2011

All Souls Interfaith Gathering, Shelburne, VT

Pre-Conference Workshops

Friday Afternoon, April 1

Pre-conference workshops are for people attending the whole conference only.

We are offering seven very exciting and varied pre-conference workshops. Enjoy reading through them to see which one speaks to you. The workshops are limited in numbers, so please sign up early. The fee for each workshop is $100. All supplies included.

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James Twyman

The Assisi Method

James TwymanThe celebrated and beloved "Prayer of St. Francis" contains hidden codes that reveal one of the most powerful healing modalities in history. James will demonstrate how The Moses Code and the Prayer combine to produce a method so unique that healing occurs spontaneously on every level -- physical, emotional and spiritual. In this workshop you will learn how to be "an instrument of peace" and offer healing sessions to those you know and love.

Barbara Evans

Activating Chakras for the New Earth

Barbara EvansJoin Barbara and immerse yourself in the transformational energies of the New Earth Chakra Keys… you will hear a personal account of their creation, and meet some of the crystals which have contributed to the healing properties and vibrational energy held within the images.

The New Earth Chakra Keys are intended to assist our chakras transform to new levels, allowing deeper awakening of our True Selves. They offer help to heal the deepest wounds within our hearts, build our power and self-esteem, and connect more powerfully with our Higher Self and with the Earth.

This interactive workshop is enhanced with meditation and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls … it is a unique opportunity to experience transformative energy first hand, while discovering how the Chakra Keys can assist us on all levels to BE THE CHANGE as we approach 2012!

Freddy Silva

Sacred Space and the Healing Power of Resonance

Freddy SilvaHow the forces at work in sacred sites and crop circles are designed to heal, and how this 'spiritual science' is used today to work at a distance.

The fabric of temples and other sacred sites were designed in such a way as to create a unique space where the laws of nature are harnessed and amplified. This involves the strategic use of magnetism, sacred geometry and measure, even water. But what science is now discovering is that these unique places also retain a lasting energetic fingerprint that is capable of transferring vital, living codes to people who interact with them. Even when both are far away from each other.

What are these ancient secrets? How are they coding the water, the human body and its ability to heal? Why have such principles now been proved inside genuine crop circles? And how is this spiritual technology being applied in remote healing?

This evening you shall discover an ancient art and a radical, practical spiritual technology.

Ross Holcomb


Ross HolcombJoin us in exploring profound universal truths that help to bring out the humaneness in humanity. We will discuss uncommon wisdom regarding Honor, forgiveness, energetic signature, personal power and beyond! Learn practical techniques to apply these insights on your path of healing, nurturing, and serving others (and yourself). Guaranteed to expand your perception and heart connection!

Carlos Glover

A Journey to the Center of Your Self

Carlos GloverHow can Earth Wisdom awaken our expanded consciousness? How can we access the innate power and beauty that flow from the Centre of our Self? Partly by heightening our sense of Oneness with the Universe and all its powers. This workshop will open up ways to come into this heightened consciousness and the inner peace of our Essence-Self. This is the “First Peace”, the foundation for us to create peace in our relationships with each other and in our world.

Carlos will draw on maps of consciousness from the Mayan and pre-Mayan Earth Wisdom cultures. These will inform and guide us on the journey to expanded consciousness, as they have guided others on this journey in the past. He will also guide us into experiences and realms of consciousness that deeply connect us with the Spirit of Earth and with the Centre of our Self. The aim of this workshop is to give participants signposts on this journey of awakening and practical ways to awaken expanded consciousness in daily life.

Post-Conference Sound Vibrational Healing Sessions

With Gabriella Kapfer
Monday April 4 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM - Private 1 hour sessions

Email info@earthspiritconferences to book your appointment

Gabriella KapferA healing session starts with the process of finding, honing and clarifying the Intention which is core to a person's process at that particular moment in time. This intention is the gateway for the creation of the sounds and sets the vibrational level of where we want to be. In the session the sounds that come through will help to release the patterns and energies in a persons body and energy field that are not in harmony with this level and help create vibrational pathways towards the alignment with the intention. Gabriella's music is created on co-operation with guides from the angelic and natural realms in attunement with the higher self. It can lead you to a place of deep inner peace and alignment with deep soul knowing from which healing and relaxation can spread throughout the body and deep pains, blocks and holding patterns can be released.

You can choose to be consciously involved in the journey or just let go and receive a relaxing sound bath working right into the cellular structure.

In a one to one healing session, you have the opportunity to work on re-opening a voice that has been close. Emotional and physical release can also be part of the session.

In some cases effects can be immediate, in other cases changes happen over a period of time - as the vibrational field that was co-created allows necessary steps and information to re-align in grace and right timing.

Gabriella Kapfer is a sound healer who has developed her own style of vibrational sound weaving and healing with cello, voice and hand-crafted singing bowls. Gabriella calls forth and co-creates with the elements, the nature-spirits and the angelic realms weaving a tapestry of sound from different dimensions, the consciousness of all present and the Earth -- leading listeners into a deep transformative experience and connectedness with nature, life and Source. She also teaches and works with sacred stone setting, and has a background in psychotherapy and co-creative gardening. Her background includes co-running a small retreat and healing center in Scotland based on a 'care-first' economic model where she developed her sound-healing work, inspired by the mystery school of nature, which surrounded her. She currently lives in England and travels extensively following invitations to bring her healing music and work to different parts of the planet.

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