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Near Bolton Valley Resort
Dowsing by pendulum



Just discovered the nature of ultimate reality!
Jude explains that, actually, the ultimate reality for an English person is a cup of tea
Perambulatory ruminations - in this case, discussing neither tea nor ultimate reality (it's a secret)


Earth Spirit Conferences


'2012 ~ The Time is Now!'

April 13-15, 2012

All Souls Interfaith Gathering, Shelburne, VT


Pre-Conference Workshops

Friday Afternoon, April 13, 2:00 - 5:00

Pre-conference workshops are for people attending the whole conference only.

We are offering four very exciting pre-conference workshops. Each workshop is limited to twenty five people so please sign up early. The fee for each workshop is $100. Register Now to secure your place.

Naomi Lake

Shamanic Journey With Naomi Lake

Naomi Lake We are surrounded by and composed of a matrix....a fine web of thin thread-like filaments. At times those filaments develop knots or tangles that can interfere and obscure our connection with the Unity Consciousness we seek and know is there. Native people's all over the world have used various techniques to penetrate this matrix. With the sound of the steady beat of my drum participants will move into an expanded state of consciousness measurably similar to that achieved through visionary plants to access guidance, information, teaching and medicine from power animals and/or Spirit teachers specific to the inquiry on 'How to Navigate the Quantum Entanglements' in order to find balance, personal sovereignty and a symbiotic connection with our earth. After the journey, and within the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to create mandalas representative of their journeys and share them as they wish.

Karen Alexander

CROP CIRCLES: Geometry & Symbolism

Karen AlexanderGeometry, number and proportion are the language with which the crop circles have chosen to open their conversation with us. To understand basic geometrical form is to begin to speak the language of the circles and to commence the work of unravelling their meaning. This hands-on workshop will show you how to set about drawing the crop circles and how to begin to understand the implications of their number, form and proportion.

Drawing a simple circle and other basic geometric shapes can itself be a point of entry into mystical and transcendental experience. For many, this is the first step towards an understanding of the nature and origin of the material world and its implicit structure.

Karen Alexander will lead you through a series of geometric forms and discuss their appearance in crop circle designs over many years. She will set you on a path, that should you continue, promises many revelations about not just the crop circles but about the entirety of creation. She will discuss number, philosophy and fundamental questions such as the nature of form. This amazing opportunity to work firsthand with a veteran researcher should not be missed.

Dr. Jude Currivan

HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth; 2012 and Beyond

Dr. Jude Currivan During this experiential and interactive workshop, we will explore the energetic connections between people and places and how from individuals to nations, past traumas are still embodied in our fear-based behaviors. And crucially we will discover and experience how, by attuning in the universal heart of the 8th chakra, we can heal and release them.

We will also explore astrological influences and other cosmic connections and the ‘bigger picture’ and higher purpose behind world events and why 2012 is synchronistically destined to offer us a Shift of collective consciousness - if, as the Mayans say, we choose to do so!

Glenn Broughton

The Essence of Place; Experiencing and Making Essences

Glenn BroughtonThe energetic blueprint of a place, particularly a sacred site, can be captured in an essence. Any person can then attune to the energy of that sacred site simply by spraying the essence into their aura. By tuning into a meditative state you are able to fully experience the energy as if you were actually present at the sacred site; this is a technique that we can all use.

Glenn has made 23 essences of sacred sites in England and Scotland and you can not only experience these first-hands, but also learn how to make essences for yourself.

Register Now to secure your place.

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